Monday, August 27, 2012

The greatest gift....

Well it has been a while since I have given you details of this crazy little life of mine (ours). Since I last wrote I have been in the ER twice with breathing problems. My first ER trip was the night before I was suppose to get chemo in the beginning of July. I had a CT scan and an EKG and the conclusion was that I had pneumonia They wanted to keep me in the hospital but after some blood tests they said I was good to go home after giving  me antibiotics intravenously of course and then giving me a prescription for yet another "poison" for my body.  The following week I saw my lung specialist and after taking a breathing test he decided that It was most likely not pneumonia I had but lung toxicity from one of my chemo drugs. I then had a bronchoscopy where they put a scope up your nose and down your throat and into the lungs so that they can see whats going on in there. He was right, it was the drugs! So after missing two of my treatments I was allowed to start again with the subtraction of the drug that was causing issues with my lungs. After my first treatment I ended up in the ER again with more breathing/Chest issues but after an EKG, x-rays and another CT scan I was sent home on the notion that all was well and my lungs were looking better. Good thing because had they not improved I was going to be put on another steroid for 8 weeks. After having been on a small amounts of steroids these past 6 months I was overjoyed to skip out on 8 weeks of it! I won't complain and bore you with how it causes weight gain and the inability to sleep!!! ;)

I am excited to say that I haven't had any more lung issues and that I am feeling pretty good now! I am so thankful because I do not want another "break" from my chemo. Breaks are frustrating because they prolong reaching the end of this road and after 6 months of travel I am ready to be at the top of this windy mountain!!! My last 2 treatments haven't been so bad. My last treatment I didn't throw up a single time! I was out of the house the morning after my treatment!. It was amazing because my brother was here and it made my time with him much more enjoyable. It was so good to have family around. I love my brother and it meant so much to me that he was able to come visit me and meet his sweet niece Paisley for the first time. She loves her uncle Eric!!! They had a good time together, as did we!!
Not only did my brother come visit but so many other things are on my list of thankfulness.
As vain as it may sound, my hair is growing!!!! My nurses were shocked when I took my scarf off for them to see my hair for the first time. They could not believe my hair was not only thick but not at all patchy. I haven't worn my scarves in  nearly 2 weeks. To be honest I kind of miss them. I will probably have to wear them from time to time as they have just become another accessory I have grown to love. I am also thankful that I got to celebrate another birthday with Greg! It was his big 30!! He had a good day. I got him Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-4 and lets just say there has been a marathon at the Tompkins house. ;) I am also thankful for the people God has put in my life this month. Excited about the friendships to come! I am thankful that we are headed to Ohio in less than 3 weeks and  I am also thankful for smooth move tea. (haha for those of you who have used that tea, you know why I am thankful!!) The bathroom hasn't been so scary the past few days! Thank you senna!

Drum roll please............. I have a scan this Friday. My oncologist said that based on this scan we will determine whether or not I need to continue treatment!!! That's right, this week could be my last treatment and I pray FOREVER!!!!!!  So I ask that you be in pray for healing and that we can move on from all of this! I am feeling really good about it. However a part of me tells myself to be ready for 2 more months of treatment. I just don't want to be disappointed  the way I was last time! So please pray for me. I have  treatment on Tuesday, Friday I have my scan and the following Tuesday I get my results. Then on Thursday we travel to Ohio for Paisley to meet her family!! I would love to come home and celebrate with everyone!!!! That would be the GREATEST GIFT!!!!