Saturday, March 24, 2012

More to come....

To all of dear friends and family,

Wow are we on a journey!! Never in my life did I see myself sitting where I am at this very moment and I don't mean on the couch in my living room! ;) As most of you know I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I know right??!! Surprise!! We all (or most) of us know this kind of stuff NEVER happens to us!!! If it does happen to people close to us or anyone in our circle or community of people I can now say that we have no clue what it feels like. No one can know what it feels like to sit in these shoes. Not unless it was you yourself who has walked in them. During this next year I want to share with you all of my story and my experiences not because I decided to but because while I sat in my hospital bed waiting to leave the hospital....before I even knew I had cancer God told me to "shout your story from the rooftops and to be bold about Me and My Love for My people". I had a wake up call about life and how much of a beautiful gift that it is and THEN I found out I had cancer. WHAT?!?!? That seems backwards right? Its true though God was preparing me for the words that I would soon hear and those words changed my life even more!!!!! God has clearly shown me that I am going through this and through HIM it will serve a great purpose. He desires me to allow Him to be seen in a great and mighty way through all of this and that His love be poured down on His people. He wants to use this situation to draw people to their kness and cry out to HIM!!! He wants to show HIS faithfulness to us. He wants us to know what it means to truly trust in Him. I want you all to know that I will be sharing my story from the beginning and it will begin with the birth of my beautiful sweet Paisley Mae. Please be patient as I share the pieces of a beautiful story that you won't understand until the picture is being painted for you. I will tell you now that GOD IS SO GOOD and He has orchestrated my circumstances in the most perfect way!!! Be ready to be blown away at how much God loves us and cares so much about the details of our life. I love you all so much and have been so encouraged by your sweet words and your promises to pray for me. I ask that you continue to do so as we travel this road together. Blessings on all of you and you will be hearing from me again very soon.<3